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Ah!Cha is a real-time location monitoring service that provides the valuable information about the routes, schedules, and vehicle allocations through CATCH LOC Cloud Server. Available for all kinds of vehicle including school bus, shuttle bus, cargo and specialized transportations.

Bus Control

School bus location can be monitored in real time despite of unpredictable weather and traffic. This service will save time for the teachers from contacting each parents about the delays or early arrivals. Therefore, teachers can fully focus on children's comfort and safety.

Easy and Simple- Installing One APP gets you all ready!
- Easy use with simple functions
User requests- The idea of Ah!Cha service came from kindergarten teacher
Better safety- Parents don’t need to wait for bus anymore, and caretakers can simply focus on kids

Main Functions

  • Real-time location check

  • Multiple selection for vehicles

  • Messenger

  • Remembering bus stops


It’s safe and you can save time!
Teachers can fully focus on kids

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Monitoring the vehicle's locations improves the efficiency of the business and also heightens the customer satisfaction.

Increased efficiency of work- Manager does not need to call or message every time.
Simple and multiple function- Companies and customers can easily check by phone with useful functions.
Low costs- Cost-effective purchase and maintenance of location control system.

Main Function

  • Cargo vehicles, heavy vehicle movement paths check

  • Supports effective car dispatching with location control

  • Supports call, sends a message, and variety of add-ons

  • Dispatch automatically saving log(coming soon)




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